As above, the money wasted so far would have helped the NHS, let alone pushing this white elephant any further. Our infrastructure will not take it, especially at the Toton hub. Bardills island on the A52 is already overloaded. Toton Lane and the A 52 is already overstretched. We have a tram at Toton that is already losing almost a million pound per week £48 million per year, ( official figures not mine)

The disruption for the building of the tram cost buisness, in lost earnings or lost is not acceptable
The disruption building the HS2 will be even worse…..the noise levels haven’t been factored in. They are extremely noisy. HS1 is, but hey people don’t count do they?
The gentleman speaking to us at the meeting set up in Long Eaton, said that they ‘noise’ made by each train arriving, passing and leaving would only last for 90 seconds……….wow, 16 trains per hour using this line 8 each way is a whooping 24 seconds per hour……who wants to live with that?……simple maths….pure hell for residents
All of this to shave off 20 minutes off a journey to/from London. Only those working in London will be able to afford this, those who will be able to afford this, will not have been impacted for 10 years plus, to get a useless idea passed which will be like the tram, run at a loss
When passengers arrive from London, heading for nottingham they will loose any time gained by the snarl up off traffic either on the road or the 40 minutes by tram.

Yvonne Mar-Gerrison, Long Eaton, Nottingham