Another YouGov poll has shown that the majority of the UK public still oppose the HS2 rail project.

Meanwhile, the government still refuses to release the results of its own polls – regularly carried out since 2013 – because the Department for Transport has deemed them “not in the public’s interest”. In this FOI access request, Meera Nayyar from the DfT says:

“The remaining information is being withheld as we have engaged the exemption section 35(1)(a) – formulation or development of government policy; and 40(2)&(3) – third party personal information. Section 35(1)(a) is a qualified exemption, which means we are required to balance the public interest in disclosing the information against the public interest in withholding it.”

It can be assumed then that their own poll results correlate with those of YouGov’s poll. But then you would also assume that the public should decide what’s in their interest, especially when billions of pounds of their money is involved. But thank you, DfT, for protecting us from reality.

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