The high-speed rail line goes to the wrong places, rail experts have claimed.They say the HS2 line should follow the path of existing motorways rather than running through the countryside.Current high speed rail plans don’t include Scotland at all.

An alternative plan, known as High Speed UK – or HSUK – has been drawn up by rail engineers Quentin Macdonald, who worked on projects including the £8.6 billion re-development of the West Coast Main Line, and Colin Elliff, who worked for British Rail and as a rail consultant. HSUK would continue on to Edinburgh and Glasgow, and trains would also move onto existing conventional track north of Edinburgh, allowing them to continue to Dundee and Aberdeen.

Mr Elliff said:

“HS2 has been badly designed and to the wrong criteria. The choice of 400km/h (250mph) as the maximum speed is HS2’s first and biggest mistake.”

Ref: Birmingham Mail