This is a vanity project that should never have been allowed to go forward.
The taxpayer has to fund it so say my family has to contribute £3,000 each = £12,000 in total and we will never use it and so will never get our money back out of it. Why should the majority of people pay for something they will never use?
It is not good value for money. The time saved is approx 20 mins, I would like to know WHO? is behind this project is it GB? the EU? or China? We the people should have a say on this and the majority say “NO” to HS2. Total waste of money! Norway recently had a project that the people did not agree to and the amount of money that was going to be used and their government listened to its people and did not take it further. The people said “No” their government listened. We have roads that are dangerous and costing drivers a fortune in car repairs and I think our Government should feel ashamed of themselves at the state of our road systems. We are in 2018 and some Roman roads are in a much better state than the present roads in Britain. The end cost (approx over 100 billion) of HS2 is too high a price when we should be investing in the present rail and road systems.

Janet James, Northwich Cheshire