Now aged 73, I have been a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers for over 50 years
I was a Founder Member of the Northumbria Police North East Fraud Forum
On 14 September 2014 , along with over 70 Professionals , I Submitted a Detailed Report to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee , giving Detailed Grounds as to why the Cost Benefit Analysis of the High Speed Train was Flawed in Principle and Detail, and why it was allegedly Fraudulent
Although the Lords Economic Affairs Committee Published over 70 Reports, they refused to publish mine
The Grounds as to why they refused to Publish we’re themselves allegedly False , or to use a modern idiom, Fake Grounds
In particular , Lord John Shipley , who knows the Writer and our Mutual Connection with the Corrupt Cradlewell Bypass here in NE2 , allegedly Failed to Declare an Interest in the Written Submission of Geoffrey Stansfield , as Lord Shipley was a Member of that Lords Economic Affairs Committee, who looked into the Value for Money of #HS2, the High Speed Train
I would Invite this Site to Publish the Submission of the Writer

I am a Joint Equal Director of Applied I F Limited , who , along with Lorraine Smith, is conducting a Forensic Investigation into Electoral Fraud, being Vote Rigging on An Industrial Scale at the 2015 7 May General Election and Since
AIFLtd has a National a Crime Agency Official Reference Number being 1122930 (JG), and AIFLtd has been Invited to Supply some it it’s Forensic Evidence to the Metropolitan Police

Disclosure of this Forensic Investigation is shown on the Non Political WordPress Blog

Forensic Work Continues as at 3 October 2017 01.42 UK BST