HS2 WILL bring investment outside of London. Whether it be to Birmingham, Leeds or Manchester. Wherever HS2 goes money follows. Now people complain about the noise of a railway and the noise of it being built. I’ve lived near the West Coast Mainline and under the Approach for Manchester Airport and NEITHER has EVER kept me awake. The trains are frequent but don’t disturb me one bit. HS2 is coming through Cheshire and I couldn’t care one bit I will use it and it will benefit Manchester greatly. One example I can think of is Channel 4s recent relocation decision, I believe that the promise of HS2 from Leeds to London played a part in the relocation. Some more news that backs up my investment idea is the building book in Manchester. The MEN has a great article that I will link at the end. This boom is for residential buildings of all sizes and one of the key elements of HS2 is to allow people to live in more affordable places and perhaps nicer places than London and then take the new high speed train to work in London. This benifits Manchester via Council Tax and added customers for restaurants shops and lesiure. Manchester is also becoming a technology hub with recent investment coming from Amazon who are building their new technology and research facilities here and I believe a strong and fast link to other cities across the U.K. will be an added draw to Manchester. I also believe that the plans for a HS3 are some of the most promising signs for the northern powerhouse which is the best thing that could possible happen to places like Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Hull. These places are home to Millions of people who all need jobs, transport and money, and projects like HS2 and HS3 WILL help to deliver the services and improvements these people need. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/unprecedented-number-cranes-city-centre-15435809

Dan Groves, Cheshire